CCHS Student Council District 8 Conference

The Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils (PASC) is a statewide organization formed of 12 smaller districts. Their mission is to offer year-round opportunities to develop and apply leadership…


Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts

Most successful photographers will preach about the necessity to specialize. To them I say “Booooo!”


Behind The Scenes of “Don’t Watch Me Dancing”

Several weeks ago I was asked by AJ Groy to shoot some behind-the-scenes images during the production of a film that AJ and his colleague, Evan Michael were…

Photo Feb 22, 3 28 10 PM

A Few Simple Ways To Use Your Environment

Over the weekend we received a nice accumulation of snow and the following day gave way to beautiful sunny skies and balmy mid 30’s temps. My shoot for…


Glass Slipper Project

The Glass Slipper Project, headed by Todd Snovel and a whole team of volunteers, is an annual event sponsored by several area agencies.


The Brasenhill Mansion

The English-style manor was built in 1928 by Lebanon Steel Foundry owner William Worrilow. It’s been a bit of an icon over the years and is one of…

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

5 Social Media Faux-Pas

Social media, like it or not, has become a huge marketing tool for photographers (and all businesses for the most part). Nearly everyone you know is logged into…


Cinematic Selfie

The other night I actually found myself with some free time so instead of doing the dishes, I decided I’d make a selfie! Yea yea, I know, statistics…


Apparently the communications protocol is named after Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, a past King of Denmark and Norway. His nickname was “Bluetooth” because of his notoriously bad teeth. Bluetooth…

Portrait Retouching Timelapse – Maria


On-Axis Lighting

I’m a huge fan of using one light…having learned a lot of my techniques from David Hobby of and Zack Arias’ One-Light DVD. It’s simple yet there…


Headshot for Kim

A simple headshot for a new Berkshire Hathaway agent from the Lebanon office. I love the look of a clean white background.

Amazing Images That Blur The Line Between Photography and Digital Art

The Spiralizer


Redux fixes your water damaged cellphones

It’s called The Redux Machine and it’s being rolled out to hundreds of TCC locations all over the US.

I’m taking applications for a man servant



Greetings Users, welcome to my little corner of the internet! You’re probably wondering why my site looks so empty right now. Well, I’ve decided that I’ll be moving to…