Episode 55

Daytrip to NYC

NYC is my absolute favorite city to visit! It's close to us, has an endless variety of sights and is the perfect backdrop for...

Episode 54: Working from Home

For the most part, people that work in IT usually have some nice perks. We get access to the latest gadgets, are involved in some neat projects and some ...

Episode 53: Generation Dance Photoshoot

I've been working with Generation Dance this year creating media for them (both photos and videos). They are an amazing group of girls, talented and fun ...

Episode 52: Worst Day Ever

A fairly typical day for me gets turned upside down because of a flat tire. Atleast it gave me something interesting to film! That's the challenge of being a...


A special shoutout to Kayla Rentschler for being super cool. Photoshoots all Saturday take me to unknown parts of Lebanon county. I prefer using backgrounds ...

Episode 50: They Arrested Me!!

A trip to the courthouse with my daughter for a field trip.

Episode 49: How Dislikes Affect Your Video Rank

Went to the market for lunch. Went out for a spin enjoying this crazy weather. Trying to figure out if my vlogs are confusing. Also, we take a look at what d...

Episode 48: I Finally Did It!

Huge announcement on this VLOG. Today I risk it all.

Episode 47: RIP Fujifilm FP100C

Apparently some of my family members think my vlogging is annoying. Sad that FP100C is being discontinued, but honestly didn't shoot as much of it as I wante...

Episode 46: My Favorite Camera

This was sorta a Q&A vlog. I received a few and answered them. Tried to do some promotion using various channels and surprisingly received a large amount of ...

Episode 45: Best Pizza in Town

Another combo vlog where I combine current events and footage from a previous week. I'm shooting the glass slipper project today and tossed in 2 restaurant r...

Episode 44: Coolest Name Ever

Slow week, dealing with mostly meetings and no energy to really do a good vlog. So I dug through the archives and found some footage that I haven't posted fr...

Episode 43: The Cops Were Watching Me

It's my birthday. Went out for a little ride. Hung out with the family. Happy to be another year older!

Episode 42: My Famous Chili

Another beautiful winter day! It's Superbowl Sunday and my brother has requested my special chili. Apologies for how long this VLOG is but that chili has a l...

Episode 41: THAT was Embarrassing

Shooting a gig for Quickdraw, a local country band. Ok Ok, I know what it looks like, but trust me, I am working and not just having fun all night.

Episode 40: I Didn’t Die

Another day in the studio...this time shooting a family, which I haven't done so much of recently. Double dutch riding the Eboard with my daughter. Getting r...

Episode 39: Vlogging with Osmo

Lunch at Roots. Spring is on it's way (because some rodent said so). A little Generation Dance teaser at the end. ENJOY!

Episode 38: Trouble On Ice

We take Alyssa and her crew ice skating. I didn't fall.

Episode 37: They Don’t Believe Me

My first LONG ride on the Evolve Skateboard. Shoot with the Firestine girls of Generation Dance.

Episode 36: Fried Mushrooms and Milkshakes

A trip to the Harrisburg Farmshow.