Portrait Retouching Timelapse – Maria

Just a quick timelapse of my “advanced retouching” on a portrait…

Techniques used:
Removed Flyaways
Fixed hair a bit
Frequency Separation to remove blemishes and even out skin tone
Dodge and burn shadows and highlights to give it that “stylized” look
Background replacement
Cinematic color grading
Lighting enhancement

I could have definitely spent more time on her hair but this was just a “proof” I sent to give her an idea of what her final selection might look like.


Headshot for Kim


A simple headshot for a new Berkshire Hathaway agent from the Lebanon office. I love the look of a clean white background.

This was shot using an Einstein with the 64″ Paul Buff Soft Silver PLM as the main light. I had a Yongnuo flash and small umbrella for fill. The background is the Lastolite Hilite 6×7′ Background with a single Einstein inside of it.

Although the setup does create a nice high-key look, I did have to bring it into photoshop to make the background pure white…which just looks nicer on a website, especially if it’s going to be right up against a white background with no border. It’s as simple as using the Quick Selection tool to select the background and adding a Levels adjustment layer and setting the white point to one of the top corners.

The Spiralizer – Review and Recipe

I love using zucchini as a noodle substitute in some of my pasta dishes. It’s light, has enough texture to carry the sauce and it’s so easy to grow! The only problem for me…it’s so time consuming to shred them into noodles. Well, it WAS time consuming until I stumbled onto the Spiralizer! (yes, I know, that sounds like an infomercial)

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Greetings Users, welcome to my little corner of the internet! You’re probably wondering why my site looks so empty right now. Well, I’ve decided that I’ll be moving to a more blog-like format!

For years, I’ve used saviyou.com mainly as a portfolio page for my photography, but I’ve been so involved in various aspects of social media/marketing and technology for my own business and several local businesses as well, that I’ve decided that I need a place to document everything for myself and anyone who cares to listen to my ramblings.

The upgraded site will feature projects that I’m currently working on, including behind the scenes, various tidbits about photography, social media, viral news, technology, etc etc, from myself and all over the internet.

This is a work in progress, so bookmark me and don’t forget to check back in!